Seven CDU Graduates tops RTp Board Exam 2018

It has always been Cebu Doctor’s University’s core to always give the best training for its students to be able to build them for the dreams they aspire as they walk out of the hallways of the university. The recently concluded Licensure Examinations for Respiratory Therapy is one of the evidences of the quality training CDU is providing for its students as 7 of its examinees takes spots on the Top 10 successful examinees. These are:

First Placer                  –           Megan Ashley Bartido

Second Placer             –           Jean Trisha Epe

Third Placer                –           Francine Solis

Seventh Placer            –           Hanna Marie Claros

Ninth Placer                –           Chalylle Carlisle Stephanie Nueva

Tenth Placers              –           Darlene Jane Cabataña

Daphne Tricia Caseñas

Aside from that, CDU has 100% passing rate of this board exams.

Here are the full list of the successful examinees:

  1. Abanid, Lourdes Ann N.                        Lee, Aecarah S.
  2. Abear, Lord Jifford J.       Limpio, Lindylou A.
  3. Arquillano, Aleck L.                       Locaylocay, Vince Ardel A.
  4. Austria, Jack Kevin B.                      Lumapas, Krystel Mae C.
  5. Bartido, Megan Ashley C.                         Nueva, Chalylle Carlisle Stephanie A.
  6. Cabataña, Darlene Jane C.   Paclipan, Calvin S. II
  7. Caseñas, Daphne Tricia F.         Pido, Analiza C.
  8. Chu, Matthew Andre L.   Roquia, Pia Nicole M.
  9. Claros, Hanna Marie U.                         Santiago, Lynn Ingrid P.
  10. Egot, Rhadzoel O.   Solis, Francine V.
  11. Epe, Jean Trisha B.                                      Sumangil, Louisse Rayanne L .
  12. Gablines, Lindsey Faye B.               Tagimacruz, Kimberly Marie T.

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