Senior High School

The CDU Senior High School Basic education is vital to the pursuit of higher education. It is therefore necessary that students in secondary schools are assured of quality instruction and exposure so that they become ready and competent to confront the challenges and rigors of college life. Cebu Doctors' University (CDU) will commence the operation of its Senior High School (SHS) effective academic year 2016-2017.

Guided by its vision, mission and goals, and utilizing its pool of highly competent teachers and state-of-the-art facilities, the CDU Senior High School (Grade 11 and Grade 12) will begin implementing its enhanced curricula specially designed to exceed the minimum requirements set by the Department of Education (DepEd). Also, by setting its curricular approaches in accord with international standards, SHS students and parents are assured of the quality of CDU education that guarantees global competitiveness for all its graduates.

It is noteworthy to stress that, being primarily a health-oriented academic institution, all CDU-SHS subjects of whatever track or strand are directly aligned to the demands of all CDU college degree programs. Therefore, CDU-SHS graduates are assured that they will automatically be qualified to go straight to any CDU college degree program of their choice without the need to undergo any bridging program or pre-requisite subject. With almost half a century of existence, CDU continues to uphold a culture of proven excellence that enables it to produce successful professionals working in the various fields of healthcare and other services in the different corners of the world. With almost half a century of existence, CDU continues to uphold a culture of proven excellence that enables it to produce successful professionals working in the various fields of healthcare and other services in the different corners of the world.

A College-Integrated SHS Student Life College readiness is one of the most important aims of the Senior High School. Thus, it is important that SHS students be exposed to college activities within and outside the walls of the university campus. In CDU, all SHS students will have the opportunity not only to mingle or interact with college students but also to join in all relevant and appropriate activities, whether co-curricular or extra-curricular, including academic, sports and other forms of competition. The multi-cultural atmosphere of the university and its policy of non-discrimination will certainly contribute to the growth and development of every CDU senior high school student.

  • Enhanced curricula and course contents that exceed minimum standards of the Department of Education
  • CDU -SHS graduates automatically go straight to any CDU college degree program without being required to undergo any bridging program or pre -requisite subject
  • Highly competent teachers with LET eligibility, masters and/or doctorate degrees
  • Ideal student -teacher ratio to ensure quality instruction, monitoring and evaluation
  • Spacious classrooms dedicated for every track and strand offering
  • Intensive training and exposure for all CDU -SHS students in all CebuDoc Group of Hospitals and in all of its various commercial and industrial partners
  • Fully equipped laboratories, library system, swimming pool, dormitory and other facilities
  • A safe university campus with CCTV cameras and 24/7 security patrol
  • A social and academic atmosphere that integrates every student to a life of higher learning
  • A university system that runs in accord with national and international standards, and
  • A learning environment that caters to the demands of all students of the new generation





School Principal



1. Mrs. Raquel R. Bercero       25. Ms. Sittie Ainnah H. Hadji Jalil      
2. Ms. Ria M. Alcantara       26. Dr. Fe Imbong      
3. Mr. Budget L. Sulit       27. Mr. Vladimer S. Manloloyo      
4. Mr. Jamie R. Regis       28. Mr. Maximilian D. Capala      
5. Mr. Julito T. Sanchez       29. Ms. Etta Madelaine Dequillo      
6. Mr. Richard C. Llamoso       30. Ms. Liezl Jay B. Gantuangco      
7. Mr. Hope S. Yamyamin       31. Mr. Raymund R. Silot      
8. Ms. Charissa Ibona       32. Mr. Kenneth C. Rivera      
9. Ms. Merjoe I. Saldua       33. Mrs. Glenda Leslie T. Baker      
10. Engr. Buena Salazar       34. Mrs. Corazon V. Canapi      
11. Mrs. Gemma Hortelano       35. Mrs. Gloria B. Cuico      
12. Mr. Haridel Aquiles       36. Mr. Orville G. Gantuangco      
13. Engr. Romeo M. Aytona       37. Dr. Emmanuel A. Pardiñan      
14. Mrs. Adoracion C. Pedroza       38. Mrs. Jocelyn V. Moran      
15. Mrs. Ma. Rizalina E. Baritugo       39. Mr. Josephus O. Pesirla      
16. Engr. Elfina Z. Candelario       40. Dr. Ma. Lourdes C. Umlas      
17. Mr. Jingo R. Pal       41. Ms. Helena A. Yap      
18. Mr. Dioscora Villagonzalo       42. Ms. Mercy Grace A. Ang      
19. Mr. Antonio P. Diluvio       43. Mr. Paul John G. Aventurado      
20. Dr. Asonita Parmisana       44. Mr. Mitchell James L. Dumagan      
21. Ms. Ma. Alona M. Mendoza       45. Ms. Ruby C. Merioles      
22. Ms. Ophelia Gabrillo       46. Ms. Dolores M. Saldivia      
23. Ms. Irish Mae M. Roma       47. Mrs. Ma. Emma A. Sarthou      
24. Mr. Manuel C. Manglapus Jr.       48. Ms. Niña Marie A. Seno      


Academic Tracks

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


Academic Tracks

Humanities and Social Sciences



Christy P. Guisadio
School Secretary
Cebu Doctors’ University – SHS
Phone number: +63(32)238-8333 local 8365
Email Address:

Mailing Address: Dr. P. V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue, North Reclamation, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.