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About Foreign Students’ OfficeThe Cebu Doctors’ University was founded in 1973 and has since grown to become the leading provider of medical education in this region and one of the top learning institutions in the entire Philippines.The Foreign Students’ Office was established to cater to the growing demand of international students for cost effective quality education in the field of medical sciences in this part of the world. Throughout the years, as the University steadily gained a solid reputation as one of the top and most respected medical universities in the Philippines, the number of foreign student enrollees continues to rise.Backed by six (6) hospitals located in various locations across the region and modern educational facilities on campus, medical learning at the university assures every student a holistic development through theoretical and practical formation.Today, with about 300 students enrolled yearly from 30 different countries in Asia, America, Australia, Africa & Europe, harmoniously co-existing with the local students, CDU’s learning environment, while focused on providing intensive training, creates a fun and safe atmosphere where local and international students can freely learn and exchange ideas. For this reason and many more, CDU has become the prime destination of foreign students who seek to build a solid educational foundation in medical arts to prepare them for a successful lifelong career in the medical field.With talented faculty, staff and students both local and foreign, CDU is centrally located in the progressive and vibrant island province of Cebu, Philippines – a unique metropolis with all the essentials of city living and studying but without the hassle and bustle of a big city.

Cebu Doctors University is a mere 25-minute drive (9.1 Kms) from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the main gateway to domestic and international routes to and from Cebu, Philippines. As Cebu is a compact area, major establishments such as shopping malls, banks, domestic and international ports, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, churches and the business district, are all within the 5 kilometer radius of the University campus.

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