Cebu Doctors' University


The Student Affairs, Publications and Public Relations (SAPPRO) office provides leadership in achieving Cebu Doctors University’s goals, creating and sustaining a world-class student experience and to develop every student to lead, innovate and contribute to the betterment of the university, to the country and eventually to the world.


The Student Affairs, Publications and Public Relations (SAPPRO) supports and provides services, programs, and facilities activities that hones students and help them in their pursue of success, inspire them to become responsive citizen to the country make positive contributions to society.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Student Formation & Development
    • Committed to all students: supporting, encouraging, guiding and challenging their personal, educational and professional development. Dedicated in creating learning opportunities for all.
    • Ensure responsiveness of our student services programs to the needs of the students in a dynamic society.
  2. Student Support Services
    • Provide efficient and effective student support services.
    • Foster healthy, sound and nurturing environment for the delivery of the student support services.
    • Strengthen collaboration from different departments in continuously improving our student support services.
    • Standardize and implement a feedback mechanism that measures satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  3. Student Affairs Research Capabilities
    • Nurture a research culture that aims to develop programs and services on student affairs.
    • Develop research-based formation progress for the development of the students and the university.
    • Contribute to the body of knowledge on student affairs that will help improve the quality of student life.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
    • Working in partnership across boundaries to carry out our mission.
  • Excellence
    • Aspiring towards exceptional quality in our work and leadership.
  • Integrity
    • Aligning our practice with our core values and the ethical principles of our profession.
  • Service
    • Anticipating and responding to meet the ever changing needs of those that we serve.
  • Student-Centeredness
    • Ensuring that we always consider the best interest and welfare of every students.


  1. Processing student violations
  2. Issuance of Good Moral Certificate
  3. Recognize, accredit and monitor student organizations and student groups in and out of the university.
  4. Grant permits and monitor student publications
  5. Screen, process and issue clearances to student transferees
  6. Recognize and award deserving students leaders for exemplary achievements
  7. Distribute incoming mails, registered notices and parcels addressed to the constituents of the University
  8. Give out forms of Affidavit of Loss for replacement of lost ID’s
  9. Give out clearance slips for EDP for requests of duplicate copies of Study Loads and Assessments
  10. Sign activity permits of student organizations and student groups
  11. Grant permits to post notices, posters and announcements
  12. Follow-up transferees and students referred by parents, teachers, staff and other students for misbehavior and other complaints
  13. Screen visitors of students
  14. Coordinate with the different offices of the University as well as that of the socio-civic and government agencies for the welfare of the students
  15. Process Uniform exemptions for Married, Working, Over-aged, Disabled students


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What is SSG all about? The Supreme Student Government (SSG) is the foremost co-curricular student organization authorized to operate and implement pertinent programs, projects and activities in schools nationwide. It lays the groundwork for good governance, volunteerism, unity and cooperation by providing the students various venues where they can improve their leadership knowledge, skills and attitudes. It trains students to become better members of society in accordance with the ideals and principles of participatory democracy and good citizenship.


Ms. Ritchel Arcayan
Office SAPPRO Secretary
Cebu Doctors’ University – SAPPRO
Phone number: +63(32)238-8333 local 8141 
Email Address:

Mailing Address: Dr. P. V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue, North Reclamation, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.