Cebu Doctors' University

Engr. Oscar A. Tuason

is a Chemical Engineer who earned his bachelors’ degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines in 1966.Before joining Cebu Doctors’ University he has imparted his expertise in various administration and engineering positions here in the Philippines and abroad.

His experiences include Technical Research and Production Management at Philippine Refining Company in Manila (now UNILEVER), Technical Services Engineering and Packaging Management in Stroh Brewery Company in Michigan, USA and Plant Management and Vice Presidency for Engineering in Hanover Foods, Inc. in Pennsylvania, USA.

Currently, he is the Vice President for Administration in Cebu Doctors’ University as well
as the Hospital Administrator for the Cebu Doctors Group of Hospitals which includes
Cebu Doctors’ University Hospital, Mactan Doctors’ Hospital, North General Hospital,
South General Hospital, Ormoc Doctors’ Hospital and San Carlos Doctors’ Hospital. He
oversees the administrative operative operations of both the university and hospital and
ensures quality service for its stakeholders in accordance with the CebuDoc Group’s
mission and vision.

Outside his profession, Engr. Tuason dedicates his time and efforts in the service of
others through church-related initiatives and community advocacies.