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With roots dating back to Physical Therapy’s year of inception in 1974, the Cebu Doctors’ University College of Rehabilitative Sciences (CDUCRS), formerly known as Cebu Doctors' College of Rehabilitative Sciences (CDCRS), falteringly, yet decisively made its mark within the memoirs of Cebu Doctors' University (CDU). Somehow, throughout the coming years, the deans and chairpersons of Physical Therapy (PT) and eventually Occupational Therapy (OT), together with undeniably altruistic teachers, played a vital role in shaping the destiny of CDUCRS. These selfless professionals responded to the challenge of bringing PT and OT to a considerable height and prestige.


CDU-CRS envisions itself as a catalyst for the advancement of the Rehabilitative Sciences, producing globally competent professionals who provide optimum health care.


CDU-CRS is committed to produce theoretically apt and clinically skilled Therapists, working with a team in rendering the full spectrum of health care, with compassion, commitment, and the willingness to serve all who are in need of wellness and rehabilitation.


  • Committed to the fulfillment to its Vision and Mission, the College of Rehabilitative Sciences aims to produce
  • Cognitively competent Rehabilitation Professionals applying knowledge in basic art and life sciences required as foundation necessary for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists.
  • Highly motivated and clinically competent Rehabilitation professionals consistently employing critical analysis, sound clinical judgment, reflective practice and evidence-based practice in delivering assessment and management, utilizing specialized knowledge and technical skills proficiency.
  • Morally competent Rehabilitation Professionals demonstrating strong commitment to personal values and Code of Ethics.
  • Socially competent Rehabilitation Professionals prioritizing a more holistic, collaborative, and client –focused approached with the Rehabilitation health care team by.
    • Being knowledgeable of the clinical roles and tasks of other healthcare professionals;
    • Participating in team care whenever necessary;
    • Effectively meeting the public health needs of the nation by emulating compassion and willingness to serve; and
    • Implementing a culture-sensitive approach towards Rehabilitative care.
  • Rehabilitation Professionals engaging in post graduate professional growth and participating in and giving continuing education programs.
  • Rehabilitation Professionals contributing to CDU’s role as a catalyst in the advancement of Rehabilitative Sciences in Asia by generating competitive research that is clinically relevant and highly appraised.

B.S. in PHYSICAL THERAPY (4 year course)

Physical Therapy (PT) is a course which prepares the student to assess, care for, and treat physical disability which may be the result of a neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, or cardiopulmonary dysfunction. It views these disorders in the context of how the normal human movement and function have been altered and how the individual’s capabilities to interact with and within the environment, have been changed. It is in this area that the physical therapists function to help the patient achieve a balance between ability and disability. The therapists will work with a wide range of age groups – from the pediatric to the geriatric. They will treat permanent and temporarily disabled individuals.

They will consider the structure and characteristics of the patients they work with. The therapists must be trained to take on various roles and be highly prepared intellectually as well as emotionally.


  • 1st PT School in Visayas-Mindanao since 1974
  • #4 PT School Nationwide
  • #1 PT School in Visayas-Mindanao(Aug 2018 PRC Licensure Exam)
  • 34 PT Board Topnotchers since 1989
  • Graduates are eligible for PT Practice worldwide &
    are FCCPT eligible for US Employment with MSPT
  • Offers U.S. (Seton Hall University – New Jersey) & NCR Internship Rotations
  • PAASCU Level I Accreditation Candidate


B.S. in OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY (4 year course)

The Occupational Therapy (OT) curriculum is geared towards the training of therapists to treat patients with disabilities from the perspective of “occupation or work”. The occupational therapists work not only with physical but also with emotional and psychological disabilities. Their goal in the treatment of these patients is to help them become ready to reenter society, leading productive, independent and satisfying lives.

The occupational therapists will be expected not only to know how to recognize dysfunction but also to do evaluations of the patients with emotional dysfunction. Furthermore, the therapists should know how to plan treatment programs for them. The OT’s work with a variety of patients. For patients with acquired or congenital physical disabilities, they may fabricate splints and other forms of assistive devices to allow devices to allow these patients to accomplish their daily tasks more efficiently. With the mentally ill patients, they may conduct treatments to help them cope with activities of daily living and prepare them for reintegration into society. On the whole, the OT’s prepare and re-establish in their patients the skills needed to accomplish the day to day activities and where possible, regain employment.


  • 1st OT School in Visayas-Mindanao since 1992
  • #1 OT School Nationwide(February 2018 PRC Licensure Exam)
  • 80 OT Board Topnotchers since 1996
  • The only World Federation of Occupational Therapists (W.F.O.T.) Accredited Program in Vis-Min Graduates are eligible for OT Practice worldwide are NBCOT eligible for US Employment with MAOT
  • Offers U.S. (Seton Hall University – New Jersey) NCR Internship Rotations
    PAASCU Level I Accreditation Candidate


B.S. in RESPIRATORY THERAPY (4 year course)

Respiratory Therapy (RTp) encompasses the promotion of cardiopulmonary health of society, by training professionals in providing excellent and ethical patient care to patients with respiratory illnesses and other cardiopulmonary disorders. The program prepares the student to provide advanced level of Respiratory Therapy practice, assume leadership positions and influence the quality of pulmonary health care services in diverse practice settings, particularly in Intensive Care Units (ICU) of hospitals.

In addition to performing diagnostic and therapeutic respiratory care procedures, the training will also include promotion of cardiopulmonary wellness, disease prevention and management, and education of the patient, family and community. The students will also be involved in life support activities and in clinical decision-making.


  • 1st RTp school in the Visayas since 2005
  • #1 RTp School Nationwide
    (September 2016 PRC Licensure Exam)
  • 100% PRC Passing Percentage
    (September 2018 PRC Licensure Exam)
  • 42 RTp Board Topnotchers since 2013
  • Graduates are eligible for Middle East &Singapore Employment
  • Offers NCR Internship Rotations



Speech and Language Pathology (SLP) is a field dedicated to the understanding of normal communication processes and then applying that knowledge to the identification, treatment, and prevention of communication disorders in children and adults. Our field draws on the domains of linguistics, psychology, biological and physical science to capture the normal processes of communication, as well as the nature of communication disorders and their effects on the individual throughout the lifespan. Those involved in the field of Communicative Sciences and Disorders seek to understand and minimize the impact of disordered speech, language, hearing and swallowing processes on a person's educational, social, or vocational success, and offer help not only the patient, but also the family, and caregivers.


  • 1st SLP school in Visayas-Mindanao since 2012
  • One of the four CHED Recognized
    SLP Programs nationwide
  • Graduates can apply directly to a Masters Degree Program
    in the U.S. as assessed by the World Education Services
    Offers U.S. (Seton Hall University – New Jersey)&NCR Internship Rotations


Entrance Examination ongoing. For inquiries, call CDU-CRS Office at +63 (32) 2388746 to 59, local 8131 or +63 (32) 2388333 local 8131. For BSPT & BSOT, Internship Scholarships are available from JACKSON THERAPY International – America’s Largest Therapy Company. For BSPT & BSOT, Level IV & Internship Scholarships are available from RCM Health Care Services. For BSOT, Internship Scholarships are available from MED PRO HealthCare Staffing.














Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Respiratory Therapy SLP
Dr. Renald Peter T. Ramiro Ms. Dianne Marie Amit Dr. Gerard Garcia Mrs. Genevive M. Roble-Quinto
Mr. Jerome L. Coligado Ms. Pierre Ruby Almeda Dr. Doris Obra Ms. Viannery D. Mabag
Dr. Ma. Cleofe Cabang Mr. Daryll Jay Amores Dr. Phoebe Bacalso Ms. Dessa Samantha Dominique Tiro
Dr. Noemi Jiao Ms. Sherry Ampo-on Ms. Kimberly Tero Ms. Mary Mona Elyssa Guquib
Dr. Maria Cecilia Espino Ms. Iris Marie Antonio Mr. Julius Zesar Yap Mr. Jared Santos
Dr. Mairi Sylva Lim Mr. Troy Arinque Mr. Richard Rey Sevilleno Mrs. Ma. Fe Abejar
Dr. Magnolia Ngujo Ms. Gabrielle Roxanne Cabunoc Ms. Janina Pacaide Mr. Jeremias Sorongon, Jr.
Dr. Edwin Lim Ms. Maja Mac Cantillas Mr. Neil Pilare Mr. Fidel Andrei Liao
Dr. Oliver Ong Miss Beatriz Marie Castaño Mr. Loreto Obrero III Ms. Eloisa Faye Abella
Dr. Vincent Matthew Roble Ms. Sherly Completo Mrs. Christine Barbac Ms. Mary Jayanne Adraincem
Dr. Jun Ian Equipado Ms. Janine Louise Dy Ms. Lou Marie Alvarez
Ms. Sharah Charisse Wang Ms. Armika Eborda Ms. Guada Marie Caballes
Mrs. Cheryl D’ Andria Mr. Charles Jureidini Ms. Alyanna  Katrina Mallo
Ms. Jan Ross Therese Sarmago Mrs. Kreeshalaine Llever Ms. Bea Marize Abella
Ms. Eva Alexis Ceballos Ms. Bea Katrina Maximo Ms. Patrice Bea Marie Camacho
Ms. Twinkle Gargar Mr. Tyron Jay Nini Miss Jenika Jesus
Mr. Jan Andy Gatillo Ms. Charisse Marie Olvis
Mr. Joseph Peter Villarino Mr. Bryan Anthony Pasaol
Ms. Marizzah Sumarago Ms. Michelle Peña
Ms. Greatel Capuras Mr. Armani Pontino
Ms. Queenie Rose Gerzon Ms. Iris Elline Querubin
Ms. Silverlyn Marie Sabandal Mrs. Emmylou Sangalang
Mr. Jandie Sagayno Ms. Denise Sharmaine Taglucop
Mr. Daniel Dominick Te Ms. Liezel Ann Tan
Ms. Dannikka Anne Ocampo Mr. Gabrielle John Arvin Tang
Ms. Niña Jo Ann Loreto Mr. Anke Christian Tiu
Ms. Jorela Joelle Lu Ms. Edith Ty
Ms. Maria Alma Suico Ms. Dianne Urot
Mr. Mervin Batayola Mr. Prince Kempoy Uy
Ms. Dianne Criselda Imson Dr. Genecio Woo
Miss Grace Napisa Ms. Regina Marie Yngente
Mr. Rea Gizelle Villacarlos Ms. Rejina Joyce Yniesta
Mr. Richie Paul Ople
Ms. Mandy Elise Romanos
Miss Pia May Bautista
Ms. Sean Jean Cuba
Ms. Katya Czarina Ditan
Ms. Rosali Cristy Amoin
Mr. Clyde Rocamora
Mr. Loreenz Cabatingan
Ms. Lew Vykka Suico
Ms. Jay Ann Lou Calderon
Ms. Janice Sangalang
Mr. Jose Anthony Trangia


Entrance Examination ongoing. For inquiries, call CDU-CRS Office at +63(32)238-8333 , local 8131.

Ms. Karen Baran
College  Secretary
Cebu Doctors’ University – Rehabilitative Sciences
Phone number: +63(32)238-8333 local 131
Email Address:

Mailing Address: Dr. P. V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue, North Reclamation, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.