Cebu Doctors' University

CDU Brochure Updated March 2019

Enrolment Flow/Process

Enrolment Process –For New Students and Transferees
(New, Transferees, Old & Returning Students) (pdf, 60kb)

Enrolment Process for Old and Returning
(New, Transferees, Old & Returning Students) (pdf, 64kb)

College of Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Biology,  (pdf, 77kb)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, (pdf, 95kb)
Bachelor of Science in Psychology,  (pdf, 85kb)
Associate in Computer Technology, (pdf, 95kb)

College of Allied Medical Sciences

Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science,  (pdf, 17kb)
Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology, (pdf, 17kb)

College of Dentistry

Pre-Dental (pdf, 19kb)
Doctor of Dental Medicine (pdf, 14kb)

College of Medicine

Application Form (pdf, 994kb)
Medical Education Unit Level 1 PBL (pdf, 18kb)
Medical Education Unit Level 2 PBL (pdf, 18kb)
Medical Education Unit Level 3 PBL (pdf, 19kb)

College of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing,  (pdf, 43kb)

College of Optometry

Pre-Optometry (pdf, 71kb)
Doctor of Optometry (pdf, 77kb)

College of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy,  (pdf, 26kb)

College of Rehabilitative Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy,  (pdf, 48kb)
Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy,  (pdf, 47,kb)

Graduate School Curriculum (Updated Curricula)