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In recognition of Cebu Doctors’ University’s (CDU’s) forty years’ experience in healthcare education and the faculty’s vast reserve of talents and knowhow in healthcare services, starting Academic Year(AY) 2013-2014, the Graduate School(GS) will offer more graduate programs in the healthcare sciences (first 2 are Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy(MAOT) and Master of Arts in Psychology (MAPsyc with 3 majors) until all undergraduate programs(in Dentistry, Medical Technology, Rehabilitative Sciences, Pharmacy, Optometry, Biology, Nutrition and Dietetic Science and Public Health Administration) have their corresponding masteral and doctoral programs. The first graduate program in healthcare started in AY 1981-1982, with Master of Arts in Nursing (MAN) with 4 majors. In June 2013 AY 2013-2014, MAN opened MAN classes in CDUH Capitol Site, Cebu City for students from central and south Cebu, while continuing to maintain MAN classes in CDU campus, Mandaue City for students from out-of-town and north Cebu. Starting Summer 2014 AY 2014-2015, MAN is changed to MSN-Master of Science in Nursing. The second graduate program in healthcare was Master of Arts in Hospital Administration (MAHAd) which started in AY 2007-2008 and will continue its course offering.

The GS, in keeping with its aim of attaining global excellence will continue what it started in its Organization Development (OD) course offerings at the masteral level (AY 1992-1993) and at the doctoral level (AY 1997-1998). OD as a course teaches graduate students how to utilize transformational strategies for development by introducing the best facet in quality as the keyword for effecting a new vision and a shift from conventional mode towards a healthy, innovative and dynamic development pace to achieve their goals in their respective organizations. This learning process combines a unique feature of face-to-face classroom instructions with modular and on-line studies using the latest technology that allows graduate students to grow in their professional career with techno-socio-cultural touch.


Dr. Efren S. Valiente


Program Directors

Dr. Asonita J. Parmisana, MAEM, MATMRS

Dr. Glenda Leslie T. Baker, PhDOD, PhDODSA, MAOD

Dr. Rommel P. Merioles, PhDNSc, MSN

Mr. Jan Harmony A. Cesar, MS Pharmacy

Dr. Imelda P. Montuerto, MS Dentistry

Ms. Lani B. Arcenal, MAHAd

Ms. Bea Katrina M. Andrino, MA Occupational Therapy

Dr. Melda P. Rubillos, MA Psychology

Ms. Sharah Charisse T. Wang, MS Physical Therapy

Master’s Degree

  • Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) Major in:

                Endodontics                 Dental Surgery                 Orthodontics                 Periodontics with Implant Dentistry

Major in:                 Medical-Surgical Nursing (MSN)                 Maternal-Child Nursing (MCN)                 Psychiatric Nursing (PsychN)                 Geriatric Nursing (GN)                 Family Health Nursing                 Nursing Administration

Master of Arts in Organization Development (MAOD) - PAASCU Accredited Level II

  • Master of Arts Major in:

                Hospital Administration (MAHAd)                 Teaching Medical Related Subjects (MATMRS)                 Educational Management (MAEM)  - PAASCU Accredited Level II

Major in:  Clinical Psychology Industrial Psychology Social Psychology Guidance Counselling   Doctor’s Degree

This program aims to challenge nurses to bring themselves up in the ladder of the profession through theoretical, philosophical and research integration and proficiency in the practice of giving nursing care.

A program specifically designed for the most powerful, influential change agents, executives, administrators, managers and the decision-makers themselves, to effectively manage the changing market environment with new government and new leadership; to be practically relevant to organizations operating in a complex and changing world, utilizing information technology and managerial innovations and to be globally competent in the fields of management consulting, technological innovations, operations, management, training and development.

Developed primarily for educators who envisions a new direction in public or private education and who wish to complete the program which deals broadly with historical, cultural, philosophical, ethical and managerial/leadership issues that have an impact on school administrators as they interact with both schools and society.   Downloadables: Endodontics Dental Surgery Orthodontics Periodontics with Implant Dentistry   Master of Science in Medical Technology (MSMT) Master of Science in Pharmacy (MSPh) Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Nursing Administration Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy (MAOT) Master of Arts in Organization Development (MAOD PAASCU Accredited Level II) Master of Arts in Hospital Administration (MAHAd) Teaching Medical Related Subjects (MATMRS) Educational Management (MAEM)  - PAASCU Accredited Level II


Ms. Analie Bosquit
Graduate School Coordinator
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