How to Apply


1. Proceed to Online Application.
– Fill-in the REQUIRED DATA.
– Click SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS on the left side of the page to upload scanned authentic documents
for evaluation

2. Duly validated deposit slips or proof of online transactions shall be emailed to
3. Graduate School confirms your payment.
4. Wait for an email for your study load.


1. The test taker has to pay the testing fee of Php 500.00 to any of following payment centers. Student
applicants may also choose to pay in CDU cashier. The university cashier is open Monday to Saturday
(8:00AM to 5:00PM) to accept payments.
2. For test takers who made their payments through bank transfer/online payment, please email a scanned
copy/screenshot/photo of your proof of payment to the Accounting Office and furnish a copy to
3. The School Counselor/Psychometrician shall send an acknowledgement email to the test takers indicating
that the proof of payment has been received.
4. The School Counselor/Psychometrician will send a separate email of the online information request form for
the test takers to fill out completely. These necessary information will be uploaded in the assessment center.
For test takers who personally went to the Guidance Office, they will be asked to supply the necessary
personal information in the test taker’s logbook.

5. The School Counselor/Psychometrician will input the test taker’s information into the online assessment center. Afterwards, the assessment center will send an auto-generated email to the test taker containing his/her login credentials (username and password) and online exam instruction/guidelines. The test taker must read the instructions stipulated in the email carefully.

6. Right after the test taker has logged in, he/she may start taking the online exam.

7. Once the test taker is done taking the online exam, he/she will receive an email of his/her result in pdf format.

A copy of the result will be furnished to the Graduate School.