(NOTE: Students of colleges or departments that already have an established procedure for
accomplishing the clearance form should follow their college’s/department’s procedure.)

Download the applicable Clearance Form by clicking the appropriate filename below.
Senior High School Application for Clearance – CDU SHS Clearance Form.pdf
Undergraduate College Application for Clearance – CDU College Clearance Form.pdf
Graduate School Application for Clearance – CDU Graduate School Clearance Form.pdf

• If you already obtained the hard copy of the appropriate clearance form from the University Registrar’s Office, skip this step and proceed to step 2.
• If you wish to fill out the downloaded form directly on the device, you may do so, then proceed to Step 4. Otherwise, print the downloaded form then proceed to step 2.

Fill out the form legibly with the relevant data.

Scan the filled-out form by using a flatbed scanner or phone app such as CamScanner, Genius Scan, or similar.
Important: Forms that are of less than optimal image quality will not be processed.

Save the file in PDF format using the filename Lastname Firstname M.I.clr.pdf (Example: de la Cruz Juan B.clr.pdf).

Email the PDF file to your Dean’s/Principal’s Office from an email address that you can monitor on a daily basis. (Click here for a list of relevant office email addresses.)
• Use the Email Subject Line: Application for Clearance – Lastname, Firstname M.I.
• To avoid the rush, email the PDF file within 24 hours from the time you download the form

Send your school ID by courier to:
Mr. Stanley Clark M. Dipay
Student Affairs, Publications, and Public Relations Office (SAPPRO)
Cebu Doctors’ University
1 Dr. P. V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue
North Reclamation
Mandaue City, Cebu, PHILIPPINES

• You will not be able to complete your clearance unless you surrender your school ID to the University.
• If you lost your ID, send an original copy of the affidavit of loss by courier to the Head of SAPPRO.

Wait for an email from the University that will inform you that either a) you have been cleared of all deficiencies and/or financial and property obligations or b) you still have deficiencies and/or financial and property obligations.
• The process, from the time you email the PDF file, will take at least 72 hours to complete.
• Be sure to check your mail client’s Spam folder.

Deficiencies should be settled personally with the relevant office.
• Go to the University and enter as a visitor.
• Proceed to the Dean’s Office and ask for your partially signed clearance form.
• Go to the office where you have a deficiency or deficiencies.
• Settle the deficiency or deficiencies.
• Ask for your clearance form.
• Proceed to the remaining offices indicated in the Clearance Form to obtain the rest of the signatures; your last stop should be the University Registrar’s Office.

For financial and property obligations, a copy of the assessment will be attached to the email.
• Deposit/transfer the amount indicated in the assessment to any of the bank accounts of the University (if there is no need for you to go to the University to settle any deficiency).
• Email a copy of the deposit slip or proof of fund transfer to and to your Dean’s/Principal’s Office email address using the Email Subject Line: Proof of payment – Lastname, Firstname M.I.
• Repeat step 7.