The unauthorized use of licensed material is illegal. This act is also known as copyright
infringement or piracy. “Unauthorized use of licensed material” in this sense includes the
following acts, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes: unauthorized
downloading, purchase, modification, distribution, and/or sharing (including use by more than
the authorized number of users allowed by the applicable license) of apps, software, eBooks,
journal articles, pictures, videos, or other content for any device including mobile phones,
tablets, laptops, or desktops, photocopying outside of fair use utilizing a copying machine,
scanner, analog or digital camera or similar device, or any act that infringes on the intellectual
property rights of the author, creator, or developer of the material that is being pirated.
These acts are not moral; they are not right. These illegal acts are not and will never be
tolerated by Cebu Doctors’ University. The technology that allows one to perform these acts
also allows companies to seek out users of illegal material and may result in their apprehension.
Sanctions for engaging in these illegal acts may range from fines to imprisonment. Criminal
liability involves not only the user but also the institution that allows it.
Widespread use of illegal material will drive the prices of legitimate material higher and higher
whereas use of only licensed material (application software, books, eBooks, journals, audio,
video, and other digital content) by the majority will ultimately bring the prices of legitimate
material down redounding to everyone’s benefit.
Let us all do our part and not patronize pirated software or content.